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Darko Milicic

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Darko Milicic

While LeBron James garnered most of the attention and headlines, Darko Milicic may end up being the greatest player to emerge from the 2003 draft. Without question, Darko is moving into a more comfortable development situation on an excellent Pistons team that will look at him as a role player, rather than the savior that LeBron must be for the Cleveland Cavs. Most likely, NBA fans will be treated to a rivalry between the two great young players to match the legendary one of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

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Josh McRoberts ripped his jersey in half like he's Hulk Hogan
Josh McRoberts was really upset on Sunday night. Perhaps he was a little too upset. Either that or he decided to be Hulk Hogan for Halloween and wanted to make sure everyone saw his costume on a really bright stage. That's probably not accurate. Poor guy immediately regretted his decision. Who did it better: McRoberts or Darko Milicic ?

A Miami Heat Player Has Strange Freakout On The Court, Rips His Jersey
The Miami Heat signed forward Josh McRoberts in...

Heat?s Josh McRoberts intentionally rips his jersey in frustration (VIDEO)
Weird to get that angry playing just eight total minutes.

This Day in Basketball History
With a product becoming increasingly popular beyond their borders, and an international talent boom beginning to radiate out into its previously insular world, the NBA takes further steps towards expanding its reach and engaging a non-American demographic as the league makes ballots for the 1995 All-Star game available outside the U.S. for the first time.

Josh McRoberts Intentionally Rips Open His Heat Jersey During Game
It may not be too odd if the Houston Rockets'  Dwight Howard rips open his jersey, given that he has taken on the " Superman " nickname. But when Miami Heat forward Josh McRoberts did it during Sunday's 107-102 win over the Toronto Raptors, it was just perplexing. McRoberts intentionally ripped his jersey after he was unable to secure a rebound. It looked like his frustration gave him quite a ...

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Did You Know?
Darko Milicic would have certainly gone #1 in the 2003 draft if it were not for LeBron James. In fact, he was considered the best prospect in the last 10 years aside from James.
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