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Darko Milicic

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Darko Milicic

While LeBron James garnered most of the attention and headlines, Darko Milicic may end up being the greatest player to emerge from the 2003 draft. Without question, Darko is moving into a more comfortable development situation on an excellent Pistons team that will look at him as a role player, rather than the savior that LeBron must be for the Cleveland Cavs. Most likely, NBA fans will be treated to a rivalry between the two great young players to match the legendary one of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

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Timberwolves fans burn Kevin Love jerseys ? 'Minnesota nice style' (Video)
Ever since Kevin Love made his intention to opt out of the final year of his current contract clear two months ago ? in essence forcing the trade that sent him to the Cavaliers on Thursday ? Minnesota-based comedian Mike Brody has pulled no punches aimed at the four-time NBA All-Star.

9 NBA Players Poised to Have Big Bounce-Back Seasons in 2014-15
The typical NBA career entails a fairly predictable trajectory: years of steady improvement?peppered, perhaps, with the occasional leap in talent tiers?followed by inevitable decline. Sometimes, however, a proven or otherwise promising player is beset by an off year or two. Be the culprit coaching, chemistry or sheer rotational politics, such statistical dips are less a hint of an inevitable ...

Jabari Parker says he?s ?trying not to be that second pick bust?
Parker knows his history.

Bucks' Parker: Trying to avoid second pick bust
Bucks' Parker: Trying to avoid second pick bust

Another Love lost for Minnesota
We knew this was coming. Minnesota sports fans always know it?s coming. Watch one of the local teams long enough, and you'll see it: the bitter departure of a franchise superstar to a better, more functional team. Every market has its losers -- look at the Knicks -- but in Minnesota, we've come to expect it from every pro franchise. We're consistently asked to believe in management that rarely ...

Is Carmelo Anthony a Disappointment or Victim of Unrealistic Expectations?
Perhaps Carmelo Anthony isn ?t who we thought he was. The New York Knicks ? acquisitions of Quincy Acy and Travis Outlaw won?t do much to change whatever thoughts have gained traction vis --vis Anthony. There was always this sense that he belonged in the same conversation as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Through no fault of Anthony?s, he was labeled a ...

Sixers would rather be good than be liked
It isn't easy to build the best basketball team in the NBA, but it's no snap to construct the worst one, either, and the 76ers, after the trade deadline last season, not only achieved that latter goal but might have fielded the least-talented team in the history of the league.

First Cup: Monday
Mike Gavin of Newsday: Andrew Wiggins stepped onto the basketball court yesterday wearing his No. 21 wine-and-gold-colored Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. Odd, considering the jersey had just been discontinued by the NBA Store. Asked for his thoughts on his jersey no longer being available for purchase on the league's website, Wiggins seemed surprised. "I didn't try to buy my own jersey," he joked ...

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Darko Milicic would have certainly gone #1 in the 2003 draft if it were not for LeBron James. In fact, he was considered the best prospect in the last 10 years aside from James.
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